At Acronym we Believe in Creating Freedom With Technology

This translates into effectiveness and efficiency within our client’s systems. Leaving our clients free to focus on the things that are important to them. We provide IT Support and Software Development services with branches in Auckland, Melbourne & Brisbane.

The Acronym Management Team:

Dave Allum

Dave Allum

General Manager

Dave is passionate about technology and what it can do to improve businesses and make them more efficient. He has a background in engineering and marketing and ran several companies before joining Acronym in 2005. Dave’s experience and practical business knowledge give him the ability to speak IT in a non-technical language. His skill is in helping clients understand how ICT can be used to facilitate business goals.

“From working in diverse industries I have the experience and ability to see the big picture. I understand what businesses are trying to achieve so I can wrap their IT requirements around their business needs, talk to them in a non-technical manner, then get the Acronym team involved to make it happen.”

Shane Toal

Shane Toal

Technology Manager

Shane has 15 years of experience in the IT industry, beginning at the help desk and all the way up to CIO advisory. He has worked at Acronym for 10 years and is Microsoft-certified. Shane is a technology evangelist and is passionate about how technology can improve business systems and communications.

"I aim to make the process of change and innovation easy to understand, and the transition to new technology as stress-free and seamless as possible. I like to see myself as part of your team, training your staff and keeping everyone up to date and on top of IT innovations."

Chris Craig

Chris Craig

CIO Advisory

With over 24 years in IT Chris is a specialist generalist. He advises in IT Management and Consulting in both network systems and software solutions.

“My passion for ICT derives from my passion for nature, animals and education. This, on the surface, might seem an unlikely association. When you look at biology and behaviour they are complex natural systems that are dynamic and can change rapidly. This is very akin to the fast pace, multi-factorial world of ICT computer systems, internet and also the world of modern software development.”




The Acronym team’s collective wisdom is a serious strength…

David Bunn, Director, CRUISE HOLIDAYS