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H&S Compliance

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Acronym Ltd Shrinks Compliance Workload – with an APP


The complexity of a building site is like a jigsaw puzzle; so many pieces must fit together, especially compliance with Health and Safety requirements.


Every day it’s vital all project-related issues are shared amongst project stake-holders. The safety of all people on site is a number one priority.


Health and Safety Officer Nigel Churn of  STAMPNZ, needed an efficient way of managing on-site inspections and reports. An app, he realised, could speed up his visits and provide multiple efficiencies as well as serious cost savings for the construction industry.


Nigel had already spent time and money trying to develop an app with a different software company but hadn’t got the results he needed. Realising the potential benefits he persevered to give it another go. After seeking referrals from his customers he approached Acronym Ltd.


Acronym developed an application for STAMPNZ Ltd that allows a project manager to walk through the construction site, registering any health and safety hazards, recorded faults and make note of any issues that could later become a problem.  All on a hand-held device – something as simple as a Smartphone. The finalised compliance report is then emailed directly to the client before leaving site. Acronym’s reporting dashboard also ensures all compliance procedures are fulfilled for all stakeholders including construction workers and sub-contractors.


Nigel confirms “The time-saving on each report is at least four hours per inspection,”.


With dozens of site inspections performed on the average building site, the time saved can be 100’s of hours. This produces an immediate decrease in overall compliance costs.


CMP Construction site manager, Tony Howard, says he’s relieved with STAMPNZ’s innovation; “We’re doing some pretty complicated engineering on site while always having to remain compliant. With this STAMPSNZ app we can send the computer-generated report directly to all the subbies and everyone is then on the same page immediately.”


Construction companies have long needed a method of analysing and updating data as its generated and to share it directly with others on site. Now anyone with a Smart phone or similar digital device and this newly developed app can record any site problems or compliance issues. They can also use it to record routine procedures. The digital device sends photos, logs and other data to a central server to ensure the data is captured and recorded and is available to be shared in real time.


The direct application of this app has automated the compliance process instantly while reducing human error. Any contractor can load the app onto their device and begin an automated inspection in a secure environment with a rapid transfer of information. The cost and time savings make this an invaluable addition to a construction company’s administration processes.


“There’s obviously a gap in the market for genuine solutions to complex situations like building sites. Whereas the development cost is a consideration, now STAMPNZ can lease the app we’ve had developed and help other companies to simplify their compliance processes.” Nigel Churn.

If you have an idea on how to improve your own efficiencies in the construction process, please give Acronym a call.


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