Acronym is your ICT Partner, bridging the gap between Network Support and Software Solutions

CIO Advisory Services

IT is about capability – being able to do the things you need

I.T. Health Check

We offer expert consulting services that show you how to best utilise technology to meet your business objectives. Whether it’s strategy, planning and execution, architecture or risk and continuity, we can help you build a flexible and scalable platform to optimise your IT environment and plan for future growth.

What’s more, our consulting services can be applied across all areas of your technology environment, including infrastructure, networks, software, mobility, cloud solutions or security.

Our advisory team works as your technology partner, delivering proactive advice and solutions to help optimise productivity and mitigate risk across your infrastructure.

We are always looking to optimise your technology environment and position your business for growth opportunities we can see for your business to maximise return on investment on your IT spend.

Advisory Services:

ICT Assessment and Due Diligence:

Evaluating ICT strengths and risks across a wide array of ICT disciplines, whether for current leaders looking to improve their organization or for a potential buyer seeking to understand whether ICT will ultimately be an asset or a liability to the acquisition.

Business ICT Governance:

Acronym helps guide you through the formulation of ICT strategy and plans, develop and implement initiatives and oversee ICT operations in order to minimise risk, maximise return and build current and future value.

ICT Value Management: 

Acronym formalises the tools and processes needed to bring fiscal discipline to the ICT function, enabling clients to run ICT as a business.

“Acronym is very good at dealing with non-technical people. The team can easily explain what to do and why. This helps our management team understand the technical requirements for our IT infrastructure and how they are essential to our business. We can then get to grips with the positives and negatives of each development decision.”

Miles Cooper, Director, CHALLENGE PARTNERS

Associated Services:

  • Risk Intelligence assessment. We identify and quantify application and OS vulnerabilities on your network. It allows you to understand what secure information is exposed and provides critical vulnerability data from your targeted devices.  We communicate data security risks in a language everyone understands including their financial impact.
  • Database performance evaluations. We pinpoint the specific scripts causing your software to have performance issues. Tired of your business software regularly grinding to a halt? 

You don't know what you don't know! Acronym works with you to provide:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Improved Software Performance
  • ICT Strategy Planning
  • Improve System Efficiency & Effectiveness