I.T. Health Check 25% off PROMO

We review your company computer systems:
  • What you have
  • How you use it
  • Is it fit for purpose?
  • Should services be moved to the cloud?
We sample a selection of IT equipment and interview key staff to gain valuable insights.

Typical Information analysed:
  • Workstations: Security, performance, backups
  • Network: Security, performance
  • Infrastructure: Internet, printing, connectivity
  • Licensing: Microsoft and other applications
  • Server: Performance, backups
  • Staff: User experience, issues, requirements
We prepare a simple to understand traffic light report and walk you through it!


5 PC's or less
10 PC's or less
20 PC's or less
Per Server Physical/Virtual
(normally $800)        
(normally $1200)      
(normally $1800)      
(normally $300)       
Promo $600 + GST
Promo $900 + GST
Promo $1350 + GST
Promo $225 + GST


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