Structured Wiring Installations

Structured Wiring Installations


Structured Cabling

The structured cabling in your building is the lifeline of communication for your business.
Structure wiring creates a scalable and future-proof way of physically connecting data nodes in a building. Once installed, it is easy to maintain, reduces cable clutter and provides a framework for centralised management, usually in the building’s computer room.
Non structured cabling is often confusing, untidy and significantly more time consuming and difficult fault-find when issues occur. Structured cabling on the other hand is neat, tidy and easier to trace. Structured cabling is often housed in trunking to provide protection for the cables and provide a tidier neater solution
Data cable services are essential for establishing robust, reliable, and high-performance communication and technology networks in various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments. They provide the infrastructure necessary for efficient data transmission, connectivity, and integration of various devices and applications.

With our expertise in CAT 6 and CAT 6A cabling, Acronym can provide services for these situations:

New Installations:

Builds that are near complete or complete and don’t have a structured wiring system. We’ll install the latest, secure and reliable structured cable system. Our system will be future-proved to accommodate growth and integration of systems like PoE (power over ethernet) technology, phone or security systems.

Additions to existing wiring

Whether you add just a single data point or you want to expand your offices, or you want to add additional data technology like security systems, we can add to your existing cabled infrastructure and even update your existing cabling to comply with the latest standards.

Wiring Upgrades

Some older buildings have outdated wiring systems installed. This will slow network throughput and cause frustra

tion for computer and phone users. We can update these systems to the latest CAT6 or CAT6A specifications.

Office Moves

While you can’t take the existing structured cabling with you, we can prepare the new offices with updated wiring to accommodate your existing equipment and expansion for future growth and additional computer or other data nodes.

Just tidying up

Computer rooms have a tendency to become messy over time as people move from one location in the office to another. Patch panels get updated one node at a time, often with cables that are the incorrect length or colour. A tidy computer room and patch panel will save frustration and money. At acronym we’ll make that happen.

Cabling Examples

Adding Wi-Fi Points

When adding Wi-Fi access points for distributed Wi-Fi each access point will need Cat 6 cabling run to each access point, often this will need to be retrofitted into a building above the ceiling.

Server Room

Server room and Communication cabinet installs to provide secure and tidy equipment racking.

Security Intstallations

Cabling for security cameras

End-Point Installations

Network cabling RJ45 wall port installations so users can connect devices via cable which is a preferred option for heavy data users. We usually provide at least two ports per user for future-proofing.

Boardroom Installations

Conference system installs and cabling, usually in the boardroom  or meeting rooms.


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In a world where connectivity and network throughput speeds are increasingly important, a secure, reliable and up-to-date structured wiring system is paramount for effective business data and voice communication.

Acronym IT is committed to implementing Cabling Systems to the highest standards.