Website Development & Hosting

Website Development & Hosting

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Website Development & Hosting

Acronym delivers responsive websites that will work on desktops, tablets or smart phones. We can build a basic template website through to fully integrated web enabled business systems.

Responsive Websites:

Our responsive websites utilise a content management system (CMS) that will provide a sound backbone for any future growth or functionality you may require.

Our responsive website can be wrapped up into an App and delivered via the Apple IOS or Android stores giving customers an easy way to reach the smartphone and tablet market without having to develop costly Apps for each of the platforms.

We have the technical ability to build anything, if you dream it we’ll build it!

More than just a website

At Acronym, we help companies create technology solutions that deliver true business value. We built a 3D Visualiser for Tile Warehouse that enables their customers to see the tiles of their choice in place in their homes, before even visiting the store.

Using Microsoft Azure we created an interactive tool that enables customers to visulaize tiles in place in their own homes. The solution is built on Linux and Microsoft Azure and fully integrated into Tile Warehouse’s existing website.

The results speak for themselves: lower costs, shorter sale cycle and improved customer experience

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“We wanted our new website to be welcoming, easy to use, and visually appealing. Acronym worked with us to improve the user experience. They created a new website design that dramatically increased the amount of visual content we display. We’ve quadrupled our website content, without slowing down loading times. They also created a 3-dimensional custom tile visualiser. It’s a fantastic tool for customer engagement and is better than anything we have seen in the market.”

Anna Williams, Marketing Manager, TILE WAREHOUSE

Check out the Tile Warehouse 3D Visualiser in action


Web Hosting:

Acronym uses the Microsoft Azure platform to host our websites, not only does this provide us with 24/7 monitoring and enterprise level availability but also enables us to host significant web enabled business solutions using a multitude of technologies seamlessly integrated. We take the security of your website seriously, our hosting includes SSL certificates and regular patching of plugins.

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