Business Solutions

Acronym sells and supports a range of cost effective Business Solutions including but not limited to:
Microsoft Applications: From the MS Office suite and related products including SharePoint and Exchange through to the latest advances in backup technology, virtualisation and unified communication technology.
MoneyWorks Accounting: utilises departmentalised accounts, powerful management reporting and fast multiple user access.
SmartTasks: Providing efficient project planning, task tracking and reporting, the ability to quickly template and utilise repeated jobs (e.g. Standard Operating Procedures), centralised information storage, team notification and integration with Microsoft Outlook and SmartBiller.
SmartBiller Time Recording System: for easy time recording on PC & MAC desktop and mobile platforms (iPhone & Android), centralised server synchronisation, management reporting, editing and approval. Integration with the MoneyWorks job costing module and SmartTasks Project and task management system.
Security Products including virus protection, anti-spam and failover Mail Systems.

What We Do

ICT consultation, network/software audits, project management
Know exactly where you stand and what the ICT possibilities and options are before you begin. Relax and get on with running your business knowing your ICT systems are working for you.

Complete network infrastructure design and implementation and support.
Update your existing network? In a rebuilding phase? Moving offices? We can look after all your needs or enhance your existing team with our experience and specialist skills.

Software selection, custom development and enhancing your existing systems
Acronym can develop a full range of desktop, enterprise, web or B2B software solutions.

In House ICT assistance and support
We'll work with your internal IT department to assist when time is a problem or internal resources are limited.
Hosted Solutions
Acronym can provide you with a range of Hosted Products, Microsoft Cloud Products and Hosted Servers.

Software Development

Our software development team builds custom web and business applications, delivering innovative and effective solutions to enhance business performance and profitability. Our experience covers successful delivery of a wide range of developments: in value ($2K->200K+), covering desktop, enterprise, web, PDA and business to business systems. Key to our success has been a strong emphasis on best practice process, aligning the customers required outcomes and expectations with efficient design.
Computer Networks

Acronym has a network services team focusing on providing design, build and support services for computer networks and communications. With 16 years in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry we have the experience and skill to deliver up to date cost effective solutions, designed with you, to match your business strategies and to enhance your productivity. Acronym is a specialist in virtualisation and unified communication technology.

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